Brinsley Sheridan

Brinsley Sheridan - Artist

About the Artist

From the tender years of his childhood, Brinsley harboured an ardent fervour and profound admiration for the realm of art. The very essence of oil paints and the evocative aroma of turpentine held an enchantment that has always been special to him.

At the young age of eleven, a Christmas gift from his cherished parents bestowed upon him an array of oil paints and brushes, a treasure that would awaken the slumbering artist within.

As he began to familiarise himself with his newfound tools, the young Brinsley crafted his first oil on canvas painting, a moment forever etched in his memory, that surge of inner contentment and unparalleled happiness that is still present when painting today and has never once faded – an eternal unwavering companion. It is this that has guided Brinsley through his long artistic journey.

Brinsley Sheridan - Artist

He would say he is self thought, but was lucky to have had very good art teachers who helped him along the way.

He left Ireland after college and travelled Europe for most of his twenties doing different jobs.

Paris was very influential as he lived very near Montmartre, where he would meet other artists of different nationalities.

His preference has always been landscapes, as realistic as possible, in natural rich colurs.

Over the years Brinsley Sheridan has painted with the belief that his best work has yet to come.

This, of course, is really in the eye of the beholder.

An old stable on the grounds of his house is his studio where he is currently creating a series of paintings of local scenes around Killiney Bay.

Another passion he has been developing is mosaics in Sea Glass, these are pieces of glass which are worn by the sea, some times over hundresds of years, to become little gems.

He feels these are impressionistic mosaics using sea glass.

You will see a lot more of Brinsley Sheridan’s mosaics here in the future.